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providing better, safer, faster distribution of clinical healthcare information to health practitioners.

What is the Health Provider Registry (HPRy)?

It is a central and authoritative source of where health practitioners work and can most effectively be contacted. The register includes GPs, medical specialists and allied health professionals in SA and related services.

What is the Health Provider Registry used for?

The HPRy's primary purpose is to facilitate the transfer of clinical patient information eg discharge summaries and referrals to specialists and allied health. The HPRy is also used to communicate public health alerts and information to doctors eg food poisoning and epidemics.

Who has access to the Health Provider Registry?

Any health related organisation or private practitioner that has a clinical need to communicate with health practitioners about their patients can apply to have access. The HPRy facilitates improved communication between Adelaide's metropolitan public hospitals and doctors via the Oacis computer system. The HPRy is also used by other hospitals (private, rural), health units and clinical services. Subject to conditions, your local professional body or Specialist College will have access to your details.

How does it benefit health practitioners and their patients?

  • GP Referrals. General Practitioners are able to access the HPRy as a contact database for GP patients' referrals i.e. it will provide a service directory function.
  • Saves time. Health practitioners only need to update their contact details whenever they move. No longer do they have to notify two different departments in the one hospital or eight different hospitals.
  • Health practitioners are able to specify their preferred mode of contact (electronic delivery* / fax / email / post).

  • * Secure electronic delivery into your computerised medical records requires an encryption certificate.
  • Facilitates more timely and accurate distribution of patients' clinical information to health practitioners, from the major metropolitan public hospitals via electronic separation summaries (previously known as discharge summaries). The format and content have been developed following extensive private medical practitioner input.
  • Enables public health alerts & information to reach all health practitioners efficiently

How do I have my details included on the Health Provider Registry?

All health practitioners will need to 'opt in' by filling in and signing the consent form. For copies of the consent form go to Forms and Information tab on this website. A health practitioner can withdraw his/her consent at any time by [email protected] or call (08) 8406 7797.

How do I update my details if they change?

Your practice can log onto www.healthproviders.com.au and update your details online (you must first apply online for a username and password by emailing [email protected]), or you can contact us directly and we will make the change for you.

How is access to the Health Provider Registry controlled?

Electronic versions of the registry will be accessible to participating Health Provider Registry subscribers only. Access to the registry is password protected and encrypted, preventing general public access. The use of the registry by any person or organisation outside the terms of their agreement may result in termination of access to the Registry and possible legal proceedings under the Privacy Act 2000.

How is my personal information secured on the Health Provider Registry?

When the Health Provider Registry sends your contact details to hospitals and other users, the privacy of those details will be protected by encryption at the same high degree of security as used by financial institutions. Please note that the Internet is a public medium and that Summit Health cannot guarantee that encrypted information being sent via the Internet cannot be intercepted.

Where is my personal information being stored?

The Health Provider Registry will be stored on a secure hosted server within a professional ISP environment. This information can be reviewed or edited by you at any time if you have a log in and password.

Who owns the Health Provider Registry?

The Health Provider Registry was an initiative of General Practice SA Inc and is now owned and maintained by Summit Health. The South Australian Department of Health and the Commonwealth Department of Health and Ageing have sponsored the Health Provider Registry.

For further information about the Health Provider Registry, contact the Health Provider Registry team at [email protected] or phone (08) 8406 7797 or free-fax 1800 00 11 40

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